The Dance of Intimacy

The Dance of Intimacy: love, loss and longing through poetry by Linda Wall – Poet

The Dance of Intimacy – front cover



The Dance of Intimacy – back cover

Originally published in December 2007, I have finally updated it and a 2nd printing was released June 2019.

Here’s the Foreword from the book.


Dance of Intimacy provides the reader the opportunity to witness the birth of a soul. Linda’s words open a window to peer through, allowing the reader to feel her anguish and her joy as she walks us through decades of yearning to be heard and seen in a world where love and loathing struggle to own her soul as she makes her way into the bright light of life.

I have known Linda since 1986 and have watched her grow into a wonderful woman and wonderful friend. Her work has power and the dimension that lay silent until the inner voice of a child yelled and rebelled to be set free.

Linda, may God continue to bless us with your words and to be an inspiration for others whose voices lay deep inside waiting for an opportunity to be heard and seen.

With admiration and joy of a job well done.

Val Clemont

Here’s the Preface from the book.


The more I’ve lived life and studied literature, the more it becomes apparent that neither exists in a vacuum.  Both literature and life are expressions of the interaction between the Creator and the created.

Writing poetry has been a cathartic process for me all my life. These words you read were never written with the intention of ever been shown to another human being. They are the words of one woman’s perspective of the human condition in searching for love and intimacy.

I hope you, dear readers, will find yourselves upon these pages and be comforted that you are not alone—in your search for love—in your hurt from love, and hopefully too—in finding and keeping everlasting love in these exciting and changing times.

Linda Wall

Kamloops, BC

January, 2007

Quotes from the back cover

“Amazing! Linda’s work is beautiful. Powerful is a better description… I found her words so moving. Wow!!!! ~ Val Clemont, author of Angel Advice

“It will touch everyone who has ever been lonely, ever longed for that special someone.” ~ Cara Beckett, Carajaz Coaching and Publishing

To order your copy of The Dance of Intimacy contact me here.




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